joi, 18 martie 2010

Poezie, poezie... Stiti voi ce-i cu Nea Ilie

Poezie facuta cu Gica in pauza:

The Sky Likes Politics

The sky is blue,
Because I love you.
The sky is orange,
Because Basescu is president.
The sky is purple,
Because we are under an energetic attack.
The sky is green,
Because Geoana never wins.
The sky is pink,
Because Geoana doesn't think.
The sky is white,
Because Boc is never right.
The sky is red,
Because our president is bad.
The sky is yellow,
Because Oprescu looks like a marshmellow.
The sky is brown,
Because Romania's economy is down.
The sky is gray,
Because politicians sit and lay.
The sky is black,
Because this is a poem you should forget.

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Balaurs spunea...

"The sky is yellow,
Because Oprescu looks like a marshmellow."