miercuri, 25 aprilie 2012

Gândeşti pervers?

Exerciţiul e foarte simplu. Dacă râzi ca tembelul/tembela la exemplele următoare, categoric, ai o problemă.

Exerciţiul mi-a fost dat azi, la ora de engleză. Unde am avut grijă să râd cu colega din dreapta.

Sprill is not a real English word.

  1. I'm glad to see you looking so sprill today.
  2. Scientists used to visit the island in large numbers to study the many unusual kinds of sprills living there.
  3. The children were sprilling in the playgroud.
  4. I met a very friendly sprill on the train to Cambridge, and we had a nice chat.
  5. It was such a sprilling film that it kept us all on the edge of our seats.
  6. Marianne began to talk sprillily about her visit to Tibet.
  7. I sprill Tom every time I see him.
  8. Sprill is cheat and easy to get to for holidays.
  9. Dr Dalmore is a very sprill man with a long nose and short legs.
  10. We enjoyed visiting the local sprill yesterday.
  11. Everybody is capable of sprill.
  12. Oh dear! What's that? Sprill?
  13. Unfortunately it was written very sprillily and nobody could understand it.
  14. Sprill should be at work, shouldn't he? What's he doing here?
  15. If you have a sprill about our service, please write to the Managing Director.
  16. Craig spends every Saturday night alone at home, sprilling.
Hmm. Mă întreb ce-o face Craig acasă, singur, sâmbătă noaptea...

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